SC5 Five-channel solenoid controller/driver

The SC5 solenoid controller board controls five independent solenoids. By utilizing the SC5 controller board’s peak-and-hold algorithm, the user can energize each solenoid at its full rated voltage for fast actuation and strong pull, and then have the SC5 automatically reduce the average voltage applied to the solenoid in order to save power and prevent over-heating of the solenoid while still holding the plunger in-place. Click HERE for full technical specifications (PDF format).

  • RS-232 interface (serial cable included!).
  • Concise, well-documented, ASCII command set.
  • Allows both serial and TTL control of solenoids.
  • User programmable PWM frequency (23.4KHz or 7.8KHz).
  • User programmable peak PWM levels (independent for each solenoid).
  • User programmable peak PWM times (independent for each solenoid).
  • User programmable hold PWM levels (independent for each solenoid).
  • User programmable TTL input modes and debouncing.
  • User parameters can be stored in flash memory.
  • Drives currents up to 4A per solenoid.
  • Single supply input from 7-24VDC.
  • High-quality detachable terminal block connectors (included!) for quick connect/disconnect.
  • Power, communication, and status LEDs.
  • Software library and sample solenoid control application for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 included!
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