ColdFire 3.3V BDM parallel port interface

  • Interface to standard PC parallel port.
  • BDM connector shrouded and keyed for protection.
  • Works with Freescale ColdFire 52xx, 53xx, and 54xx processors.
  • Allows read/write access to registers, RAM, FLASH, halt/resume, breakpoints, single stepping.
  • Draws power from target 3.3V.
  • High speed DSO/DSI buffers for fast PSTCLK.
  • 100% compatible with P&E Micro's CABLE_CFLV BDM interface.
  • Sturdy ABS plastic case.
  • Comes with BDM Library for Win 98/2000/XP! Write your own applications to directly access the Coldfire BDM functionality.
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