MC3B Three-axis stepper motor controller/driver

The MC3B stepper motor controller/driver is a fully-integrated 3-axis stepper motor controller with PWM current limiting. It utilizes a 1MHz time base for smooth acceleration and deceleration. Click HERE for full technical specifications (PDF format).

  • Controls three stepper motors (bipolar or unipolar) up to 2 Amps/phase.
  • Each motor has independent, user-programmable current limits and holding currents.
  • User-programmable acceleration, deceleration, and velocity.
  • Ability to perform 3-axis synchronized linear motions.
  • Up to 5000 steps/second, supports full steps and half steps.
  • Free running or relative moves to ±4,294,967,295 steps.
  • Six user-definable limit/home switches.
  • Built-in homing alogorithm.
  • RS-232 interface (serial cable included!).
  • Single supply input 7-40 VDC.
  • High-quality detachable terminal block connectors (included!) for quick connect/disconnect.
  • Concise, well-documented, ASCII commands.
  • Software library and sample motor control application for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 included!

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