MC3B Three-axis stepper motor controller/driver
MC3B User's Guide
Manual for use of MC3B motor controller hardware/software.
MC3B 1.0
Installer for MC3B motor control application.

SC5 Five-channel solenoid controller/driver
SC5 User's Guide
Manual for use of SC5 solenoid controller hardware/software.
SC5 1.0
Installer for SC5 solenoid control application.

SC12 Twelve-channel solenoid controller/driver
SC12 User's Guide
Manual for use of SC12 solenoid controller hardware/software.
SC12 1.0
Installer for SC12 solenoid control application.

MV Tool 1.0.1
MV Tool 1.0.1
Runs under Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7.
MV Tool User's Guide
Instructions for use of MV Tool 1.0.1 application.
MV Lib User's Guide
Specifications for MV Lib machine vision library.

ColdFire 3.3V BDM parallel port interface
Data Sheet
Feature overview for ColdFire BDM parallel port interface.
BDM Library 1.0
Installer for BDM Library.

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